Thursday, October 7, 2010

From baby to playmate...

For many months, Savannah has been content to play independently or with mommy and daddy.  After all, all her little brother can do is cry, toddle, babble, and annoy her by wanting to take away anything she chooses to play with.  (If you thought sibling rivalry started later in the childhood years...come to my house and we'll prove you wrong).  

But her little brother is growing up! He is learning to communicate in a way that Savannah..."gets," he can move around rather quickly...ok, he can RUN!  And most importantly, he absolutely adores her.  He lights up when she comes in the room.  When her voice is not heard for an extended period of time (say more than 5 minutes), he is calling..."ANnah."  Even in the car...if she is quiet for long, he begins calling.  Just today, he was calling her and through my rearview mirror I saw a sweet smile spread across her face.  She said, "Mommy, Noah's calling me!"  

Tonight's plan was to eat dinner, have a short time for play, and have kiddos in bed at 8:00 (been a long day). =)  Well, at 7:45 my house was FILLED with the sounds of giggling and laughing....(you know that adorable baby belly laugh?) along with the fast pitter patter of little feet running all through the house.  (I love it when Savannah keeps Noah busy while I'm loading the dishwasher since he finds great joy in climbing on the unlatched door and pulling out all the CUTLERY).  

The sound was to the ears.  Play went on for another 30 minutes before we began the bedtime routine. They went to bed happy children....and as I write this, I am one happy mama (who is not in bed but should be!)

Thank you Lord for letting me be flexible and recognize the simple joys of childhood...and please help me to do so more often.  

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