Sunday, August 29, 2010

night night, daddy...

Went to Savannah's room to kiss her good night, and guess who I found???
I love how she just propped herself right up against him, put her feet up, and continued with her nightly reading routine.  Such a sweet moment...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Awards Night at Church

Wednesday night was "Award's Night" at our church. An event held once a year to celebrate what the children/youth have learned and recognize their accomplishments.  This was exciting for Dolan and me since we were able to celebrate the event with Savannah for the first time!  I started talking to her in advance (a couple of days before) about the night and how she would be walking on the stage and how she would be receiving some awards.  After those conversations, she repeatedly asked me, "Mommy, am I gonna get woa-ards?" That is 2 syllables if you didn't know.  (*smile*)She was so excited!  

It's always so fun to watch the youngest class go up on the stage, and this year....our oldest was a part.  So, when Mrs. Susan gathered her "active" bunch of 3 year olds and walked up the steps, the waves began!  Savannah sees mommy...

And now, daddy!

Mrs. Susan asked them to say their current bible verse... Savannah's turn, "A friend loves ALL the time."  

What a fun night! So proud of miss savannah.  She loves church...and her sweet little friends (Kylie and Rachel).  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Down By The Bay

At a recent trip to our library, Savannah chose the book, Down By The Bay.  It's a simple (silly) story, really....but Savannah loved it the first time it was read to her!  Much to our surprise, after only hearing it 2-3 times, she had memorized it! Watch the video posted above if you're ready for "story time." 

Monday, August 23, 2010

What does she REALLY think?

So...what does a three year old girl REALLY think of her little brother?........
The sticker says it all!

OK, so this is purely innocent and neither of them have any idea why others would find it humorous...but I thought it "blog worthy."  

One of Savannah's trays recently was simply paper, "fancy" scissors, and various stickers (one of her most favorite of all craft supplies!) And, as you can see on Noah's shirt, yard sale stickers were part of the variety!
Truth be told...she loves this little fella and...I'm quite sure she wouldn't take anything for matter the offer.
...even when he gets into her "stuff!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby 3 in 3D!

This morning, all four five of us headed to Smithfield to take a peek at the wee one in the womb.  This is how we found him for the majority of the "photo session." 

After pushing on him and shaking him up a bit, the technician managed to get this sweet little photo. The dark circle on his head is where he is pressed up against me. You may also be able to see that he has some hair!  Now, what color?  Brown?...another RED? =)
Dolan and I are so thankful for our 3rd little miracle and cannot wait to hold him and share him with our friends and family.  

10 weeks and counting 'til we meet again little one...


We're getting on a little bit of a routine around here as far as "set times" to do certain activities goes.  One of those being crafts/hands-on learning activities!  The absolute best time, we have discovered is right after Savannah's nap...mainly because Noah usually sleeps for another hour beyond that!  So, this gives the two of us uninterrupted time!  There is a wonderful resource here for a concept called "tot trays."  I love them....Savannah LOVES them!  She asks me now everyday before her nap...."Mommy, what's my tray gonna be today?" (Some days, I already know...some mind is stirring as she asks that question and I am also asking myself..."what IS her tray going to be today?"  Some days the activity exposes a skill...some days the tray is just fun!!

Since we've just started, each day is a new tray!  And that's exciting to both of us.  Most days, we work on them together.  There have been a couple of days where I work with her for a while, then leave her to work independently while I do something else. 

Why do I love the "tray" concept?  
  • it's different!
  • it engages Savannah!
  • it gives her a sense of space helping her to understand what supplies go with the activity.
  • it makes clean up easy!
  • the trays can be prepared quickly using the simplest of materials.
So, here goes...this was our first tray.  She found them in the kitchen when she got up from her nap.  There were 2.  She could do them both, but had to choose one at the time and put that tray back before moving to the next one. 

Tray 1) 2 pipe cleaners and a container of beads! That's it! But you would have thought I had set out a bowl full of skittles!

Tray 2) A wooden square with objects/numbers (english and spanish) and 3 markers (this came as a set from Michael's for .49! I purchased several!)

The bead tray was her first choice, although she did them both.  After drawing with the markers on the square, she asked to do the bead tray again!

Then, she asked for the tongs!  So, I brought them out and added them to the tray.  

Reason for the laughter in this picture...I made a bracelet with one of the pipe cleaners and some beads, and she thought it would be so funny to pull all the beads off!  =) Silly girl.

Since then, she has asked for the beads several times!  

...Stay tuned for more of our "tot tray" encounters from this past week...and in case you're wondering, Noah will be doing trays too! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our growing family...

I thought I would post about our growing family... 

These pictures were taken in the backyard on Saturday afternoon, when we spent time just enjoying one another! As is evident in the pictures, Noah is walking...still needs to keep those arms out for balance (so cute...and funny!).  Savannah is still our nature girl and adores the outside! She's a beauty inside and out and we're so proud of her. And _____, who is still being intricately formed in the womb by his Creator, is growing too!  (thank you daddy for including the wee one!) =) In fact, he is 30 weeks old today! (Side note...we will be going in the morning for a 3D ultrasound).  
Overwhelmed by God's goodness and the precious gifts, only He can give. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bears, Tongs, and a Recycled Egg Tray

I'm always on a search for some fun activities that Savannah can enjoy (but that do not require a lot of $$$).  She's a busy bee and it's a joy to watch her learning.  Yesterday, the activity was simple!  We've been recycling lots of things (egg cartons, lids from bottles and jars, baby food containers, etc. etc. etc.).  Setting out an egg carton, a pair of small wooden tongs from my kitchen, and some bear counters we had....a game was formed!

Her "challenge"...use the tongs to transfer the bears to the egg tray. 

And the result...
She loved this little game and had no idea she was developing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and lots of other great things!!  =)

She had bears left over and was perplexed at what to do with them. Too funny.  I offered her another tray and she gladly took it filling it with the rest of the bears.  Of course, she wanted to use the tongs to transfer them back to the container too!  

Will definitely be bringing out the tongs again...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thankful for family....and molasses.

...Lentil soup, fresh salad, and cheese biscuits.  That was dinner tonight!  Never cooked with "lentils" before, but found a recipe for this hearty, healthy soup in a magazine and wanted to try it! It was tasty!!  Dolan's taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! There's not much of a story behind this picture, or our "almost" healthy dinner except for the biscuits!  

Anytime I make biscuits, Dolan searches the pantry for Molasses!  I've always loved molasses, but he has fond memories of this rich condiment going back to his Granny Ruth....who had a special way of eating a biscuit with her molasses. So tonight, Dolan teaches Savannah just how it's done!

First, you make a "well" in your biscuit with your finger... (Savannah likes this part!)

Next, you gently hold your biscuit while pouring the molasses into the little well.  (She liked this part too!)

Finally, you take a bite out of your biscuit and enjoy the rich flavor you just poured into it! (So, she REALLY liked this part!)

After eating her first, she was definitely asking for another...and since she had eaten ALL of her lentil soup and salad, we graciously let her enjoy a second.  =)

It's not every night you have a little "nostalgia" with your dinner.  So very thankful for my little family....and molasses.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Me and Mom!

Yesterday, Savannah and I enjoyed our own little play/lunch date! We haven't been to Marbles in a while, (and we've never been without a stroller) so we loaded up, drove to Raleigh and dropped Noah off at Mimi's...who was waiting with open arms to keep him for a few hours.  =)

Savannah was thirsty, so we stopped in at the little store and bought a juice box for S~ and a water for Mom. Since juice is not an everyday occurrence, this was a treat for sure!

Then, it's off to play!  Didn't take too many photos because I was playing too!  But, when she nestled into this hammock swing found in the enormous pirate ship....couldn't resist!

Just outside of the "splash station" is another water area where kids can have all sorts of fun with.....water!  She loves it here!

After spending a couple of hours playing, we headed out and stopped in at Brueger's Bagels for lunch!  Savannah had strawberry cream cheese on a sesame bagel.  Mom had roasted veggie on rosemary-olive oil.....YUM!!! 

A rarity...Savannah posing for the camera! We sat at the "tall tables" with tall chairs right next to the window.  So much fun to "people watch" while we enjoyed our lunch together....just mommy and daughter!

Oh yes, and another treat...chocolate milk!  Boy, I spoiled her today.  What a memory!  Precious moments to be treasured from this August 4th, 2010!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a glimpse of VBS 2010!

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Pool Time!

Enjoying an evening at my Dad's and Jeanna's for a birthday party...Savannah and Noah are loving the water!
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