Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thankful for family....and molasses.

...Lentil soup, fresh salad, and cheese biscuits.  That was dinner tonight!  Never cooked with "lentils" before, but found a recipe for this hearty, healthy soup in a magazine and wanted to try it! It was tasty!!  Dolan's taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! There's not much of a story behind this picture, or our "almost" healthy dinner except for the biscuits!  

Anytime I make biscuits, Dolan searches the pantry for Molasses!  I've always loved molasses, but he has fond memories of this rich condiment going back to his Granny Ruth....who had a special way of eating a biscuit with her molasses. So tonight, Dolan teaches Savannah just how it's done!

First, you make a "well" in your biscuit with your finger... (Savannah likes this part!)

Next, you gently hold your biscuit while pouring the molasses into the little well.  (She liked this part too!)

Finally, you take a bite out of your biscuit and enjoy the rich flavor you just poured into it! (So, she REALLY liked this part!)

After eating her first, she was definitely asking for another...and since she had eaten ALL of her lentil soup and salad, we graciously let her enjoy a second.  =)

It's not every night you have a little "nostalgia" with your dinner.  So very thankful for my little family....and molasses.

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