Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Awards Night at Church

Wednesday night was "Award's Night" at our church. An event held once a year to celebrate what the children/youth have learned and recognize their accomplishments.  This was exciting for Dolan and me since we were able to celebrate the event with Savannah for the first time!  I started talking to her in advance (a couple of days before) about the night and how she would be walking on the stage and how she would be receiving some awards.  After those conversations, she repeatedly asked me, "Mommy, am I gonna get woa-ards?" That is 2 syllables if you didn't know.  (*smile*)She was so excited!  

It's always so fun to watch the youngest class go up on the stage, and this year....our oldest was a part.  So, when Mrs. Susan gathered her "active" bunch of 3 year olds and walked up the steps, the waves began!  Savannah sees mommy...

And now, daddy!

Mrs. Susan asked them to say their current bible verse... Savannah's turn, "A friend loves ALL the time."  

What a fun night! So proud of miss savannah.  She loves church...and her sweet little friends (Kylie and Rachel).  

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