Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Me and Mom!

Yesterday, Savannah and I enjoyed our own little play/lunch date! We haven't been to Marbles in a while, (and we've never been without a stroller) so we loaded up, drove to Raleigh and dropped Noah off at Mimi's...who was waiting with open arms to keep him for a few hours.  =)

Savannah was thirsty, so we stopped in at the little store and bought a juice box for S~ and a water for Mom. Since juice is not an everyday occurrence, this was a treat for sure!

Then, it's off to play!  Didn't take too many photos because I was playing too!  But, when she nestled into this hammock swing found in the enormous pirate ship....couldn't resist!

Just outside of the "splash station" is another water area where kids can have all sorts of fun with.....water!  She loves it here!

After spending a couple of hours playing, we headed out and stopped in at Brueger's Bagels for lunch!  Savannah had strawberry cream cheese on a sesame bagel.  Mom had roasted veggie on rosemary-olive oil.....YUM!!! 

A rarity...Savannah posing for the camera! We sat at the "tall tables" with tall chairs right next to the window.  So much fun to "people watch" while we enjoyed our lunch together....just mommy and daughter!

Oh yes, and another treat...chocolate milk!  Boy, I spoiled her today.  What a memory!  Precious moments to be treasured from this August 4th, 2010!

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