Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bears, Tongs, and a Recycled Egg Tray

I'm always on a search for some fun activities that Savannah can enjoy (but that do not require a lot of $$$).  She's a busy bee and it's a joy to watch her learning.  Yesterday, the activity was simple!  We've been recycling lots of things (egg cartons, lids from bottles and jars, baby food containers, etc. etc. etc.).  Setting out an egg carton, a pair of small wooden tongs from my kitchen, and some bear counters we had....a game was formed!

Her "challenge"...use the tongs to transfer the bears to the egg tray. 

And the result...
She loved this little game and had no idea she was developing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and lots of other great things!!  =)

She had bears left over and was perplexed at what to do with them. Too funny.  I offered her another tray and she gladly took it filling it with the rest of the bears.  Of course, she wanted to use the tongs to transfer them back to the container too!  

Will definitely be bringing out the tongs again...

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