Monday, November 29, 2010

We did it!!!!

When Levi was born, I clearly remember saying..."I'll never go out with all 3 of them!"  Well....never say "never!"  Last week, a grocery run was a must and I had no choice but to load every body up and brave the doors of Wal Mart.  
While at home, thinking through the trip and knowing I could only fit 2 in the buggy, I suggested to Savannah that she might like to take her baby stroller.  With eyes as wide as saucers, she was excited to say the least! 20 minutes later, she had packed a diaper bag (complete with a felt pancake, "just in case the baby needs a snack mommy")and was ready for our excursion! Levi had just been fed, Noah finished a snack and had just been changed, Savannah had recently pottied....So, I hurried them out to the car while everyone was seemingly content. Maybe, just maybe, I've got an hour, I thought.  
Here we are...
 Noah is snacking...again.  This keeps him from rising out of his seat, turning around, and attempting to poke Levi's eye out.  (not kidding one bit!) Whatever works is what I say!  
 I wish I could have counted how many people stopped to comment on Savannah with her stroller.  She was truly a little mama.  When we reached the milk coolers, Savannah immediately started looking through her bag for the baby's bottle.  When she couldn't find it, she went into a 3 year old "mommy panic." "But Mommy," she says to me rather loudly, "my baby needs her milk!"  After some consoling and assuring that she would be ok until we got her home, we journeyed on! 
 Oh yes, the produce section.  Here is where Savannah was a little excited, and getting a little tired of waiting on mommy sort through mounds upon mounds of avocado' she thought it would be fun to roll an onion on the ground like a ball and then burst out with laughter while running after it. It's one of those moments where you don't even want to look around at who is watching you...because you just know they are giving you that "Control your child, PLEASE!!!" look.  
But, we made it to the checkout line and out the door.  She was so curious about the Salvation Army bell, so I gave her some change to drop in the bucket.  (Baby is still close by!)  

Off we go then to the car.  Crossing the parking lot was a little challenging since Savannah has 2 speeds...S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N or RUN! Neither of which are good speeds, at least for a 3 year old, in a parking lot.  But, we made it!  We did it!  It will not be an every day occurrence with all 3, but I am no longer afraid of Wal- Mart.  

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A look at Levi James...4 weeks old.

This little guy is 4 weeks old today...and as I type this, I can hardly believe it's so.  Levi James is growing stronger every day.  He smiles so sweetly often showing us a little dimple on his right cheek that we like to think is a tiny fingerprint from his Creator.  His hair is showing signs of red more and more every day (although you won't see that in the pictures below...I do love a hat on babies!! AND it was cool out) Oh, and he slept 4.5 hours last night!!!!  (BIG mommy smile) Well, enough of my ramblings, see our little bundle for yourself.  *Notice his "little brother" onesie.  =)

Dear God, thanks for Levi!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Paint... (AND glue!)

Craft time!!  If you've read some of our other craft posts, you'll remember that Savannah LOVES paint and glue!  So, for a fall craft, we first headed outside with our grocery bag to do some leaf collecting!  
We collected quite a few...

Then, it's back inside to create!  Since there are no photos of the next step, I'll let you in on the excitement!  I painted Savannah's arm and hand with brown paint...this would be the tree (she LOVED this), then placed it carefully on our paper which was prepared with "grass" (green paper cut to look blade-like and glued onto the blue paper).  The next step...choose some leaves and glue them onto the "branches" (fingers).  =)  Here we go...

 "Which glue should I use?  Hmmmmmmmm....."
 And the winner is.... (I knew it all along!...there's just something about pouring puddles of glue that kids love!)
I love her heavy concentration!
And the finished product...
I love how she wanted to glue some leaves on the grass because they had "fallen."  And I so love how Savannah's face lights up when I say, "Craft time!!"  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My New Normal

If you walked into my house on this particular day, and really any other might find books stacked on the trunk in the living room (and yes, maybe even a rolled up dirty diaper!)
 ...pretend kitchen toys piled on the couch "so Noah won't get 'em"
Towels folded and placed on the arms of the chair (because that was the only "clear" spot!) Oh yes, and a wipe container placed on top of the chair (for convenient grabbing....AND so Noah doesn't pull them all out!!)  
You might find 2 children playing (sometimes happily, sometimes...not so much)

Our nest may be a bit of a mess, but we are taking each day as it comes and trying to savor the everyday memories of a "new normal."

Noah loves Nutella!

When Noah awakes from his midday slumber, the first thing he usually greets me with when entering his room is the "eat" sign...coupled with a great big grin.  I TRY to keep snacks healthy and it seems that I've gotten in a rut of offering the same snacks (grapes or bananas with raisins or crackers).  So, one day last week I surprised them with a different snack...and it actually IS healthy even though it doesn't appear that way when you look at Noah's face.  Mum-mum crackers (for babies/toddlers) with nutella spread on top!  DELICIOUS. But Nutella is good on anything in my opinion.  And I think this little guy would agree. 

Could't resist posting this sweet moment captured that same evening.  Daddy and Levi enjoying some r&r.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

What's so great about today?

I could mention about my sweet husband waking this morning with Savannah and Noah and letting me sleep in (after being up several times through the night with the wee one)...or about how Savannah and I went out to the post office and the dollar store (just the 2 of us) for a little mommy/daughter time...or how some sweet friends of ours brought us a delicious dinner (Thank you Ginger and Hilt!!)...or how my, again, sweet husband bathed the children early tonight and got them ready for bed before heading out for the "guys monthly movie night!" No photos for those moments, but these are the simple moments I captured today... 
For the last few days, little Noah has found that he really likes sitting at the table in a REAL chair!  He will sit for what seems like hours (it's really not) and watch me in the kitchen or whatever is going on around him.  He loves to eat his snack here, just like his big sister.  It's so cute to watch his little neck crane to see what's in his bowl.  You're growing too fast little buddy!!  

Because Dolan was heading out tonight and I would be doing bedtime solo...we decided to let Savannah skip her nap today (hence the mommy/daughter date to the dollar store!!).  So,down they go at 7:00 (one hour early!)  Her usual reading could be heard in the living room but only for a few minutes.  I went down to check on her and this is what I found.... 
Sound asleep on top of a book right next to her brighter-than-the-sun nightlight shining right in her sweet face. A tired little girl, she was!

As for baby Levi, he is staying awake for longer periods (30 minutes is about all he can do right now...except for in the middle of the night of course) =)   He is very content with "background noise," and he is just, well, precious!

It's been a pretty great Thursday in our nest.  So thankful tonight for the gift of family and the privilege to record our family moments...from the everyday, ordinary one's to the sweet, special, extraordinary one's.   

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Popcorn, Pancakes, and ALL things Pumpkin!

Last week, we took our first real outing as a family of 5 and headed to "Dean's Farm" in Wilson.  Our mission: to find a good carving pumpkin!  But while there, we enjoyed free popcorn, face painting, and a giant slide!  (Oh, and Savannah had her very first experience in a "port-a-potty" ~ THAT was interesting!) 

Our great day began with popcorn... 

Then, trying to find the perfect pumpkin for carving.
This is not the pumpkin we took home....she picked out a bunch!!!

Face painting! 

She told the lady she wanted a "girl" pumpkin after seeing Noah's, so the sweet painter added a pink bow as a final touch! Savannah approved. =)

 Not afraid at all!  She LOVED this slide and repeated this scene over and over...

 I love this red-headed duo...

 ...and this precious bundle! Levi James at 8 days old...  

A couple of days ago, I found a recipe for these delicious pumpkin pancakes.  We've been on a pumpkin kick lately and these did not disappoint.  I've posted the recipe if you want to try them out!  
Pumpkin Pancakes
2 eggs
1 c. milk
1 cup cooked pumpkin (canned)
1 3/4 c. Bisquick
1 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 c. chopped nuts; optional

Mix all ingredients well, and cook on hot griddle until golden brown. 
Yields 2 1/2 dozen 4 inch pancakes.
***I sprinkled powdered sugar on top***

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A is for Appreciation and Acorns

I had to post about this special gift we received from a sweet mom in my "MOPS" group.  She hardly knows us...yet she showed up at our door with a delicious meal and this precious diaper cake which she made!  Might I add she also has 3 young girls!  Lisa, thank you so much.  You brightened our day and I pray God's blessings on you and your sweet family. 

Oh yes, and she brought these fun glow necklaces for Savannah and Noah!  They were beyond thrilled...especially when daddy says, "Let's go in the bathroom where it's dark and watch them glow!!!" So here we ALL go into our teeny bathroom.  So fun!  

Here's a little spontaneity...
Savannah has been  talking a lot about letters and beginning sounds.  It's so cute to hear her say, "puh - puh - puh - puh - PUMPKIN" after we have talked about the sound the letter "P" makes.  Sometimes, she "tries out" other words... For example, she might say, "puh - puh - puh - puh - fork!"  =)  Big mommy smile!  This then takes us to another teachable moment about the sound the "f" makes!  There is something about this foundational knowledge combined with the innocence of a child that excites me!  The joy of watching a child as they learn something new never gets old

So, on this particular day last week, Savannah was playing with an acorn.  "Mommy, acorn starts with 'A'! she yelled with such delight.  We had not been outside all day, so she and I headed out  on an "acorn hunt."  She was still in her pj's (had been all day) and was happy to carry a little cup from her play kitchen to collect her acorns.  After collecting, we headed inside and created this....

Quick little craft, but she enjoyed it (anything with glue is ALWAYS a hit with Savannah) and maybe the letter "A" means something more now.  

***We still have the remaining acorns in a little container reserved especially for creative play. =)  

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