Monday, November 29, 2010

We did it!!!!

When Levi was born, I clearly remember saying..."I'll never go out with all 3 of them!"  Well....never say "never!"  Last week, a grocery run was a must and I had no choice but to load every body up and brave the doors of Wal Mart.  
While at home, thinking through the trip and knowing I could only fit 2 in the buggy, I suggested to Savannah that she might like to take her baby stroller.  With eyes as wide as saucers, she was excited to say the least! 20 minutes later, she had packed a diaper bag (complete with a felt pancake, "just in case the baby needs a snack mommy")and was ready for our excursion! Levi had just been fed, Noah finished a snack and had just been changed, Savannah had recently pottied....So, I hurried them out to the car while everyone was seemingly content. Maybe, just maybe, I've got an hour, I thought.  
Here we are...
 Noah is snacking...again.  This keeps him from rising out of his seat, turning around, and attempting to poke Levi's eye out.  (not kidding one bit!) Whatever works is what I say!  
 I wish I could have counted how many people stopped to comment on Savannah with her stroller.  She was truly a little mama.  When we reached the milk coolers, Savannah immediately started looking through her bag for the baby's bottle.  When she couldn't find it, she went into a 3 year old "mommy panic." "But Mommy," she says to me rather loudly, "my baby needs her milk!"  After some consoling and assuring that she would be ok until we got her home, we journeyed on! 
 Oh yes, the produce section.  Here is where Savannah was a little excited, and getting a little tired of waiting on mommy sort through mounds upon mounds of avocado' she thought it would be fun to roll an onion on the ground like a ball and then burst out with laughter while running after it. It's one of those moments where you don't even want to look around at who is watching you...because you just know they are giving you that "Control your child, PLEASE!!!" look.  
But, we made it to the checkout line and out the door.  She was so curious about the Salvation Army bell, so I gave her some change to drop in the bucket.  (Baby is still close by!)  

Off we go then to the car.  Crossing the parking lot was a little challenging since Savannah has 2 speeds...S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N or RUN! Neither of which are good speeds, at least for a 3 year old, in a parking lot.  But, we made it!  We did it!  It will not be an every day occurrence with all 3, but I am no longer afraid of Wal- Mart.  

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

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