Sunday, November 14, 2010

Noah loves Nutella!

When Noah awakes from his midday slumber, the first thing he usually greets me with when entering his room is the "eat" sign...coupled with a great big grin.  I TRY to keep snacks healthy and it seems that I've gotten in a rut of offering the same snacks (grapes or bananas with raisins or crackers).  So, one day last week I surprised them with a different snack...and it actually IS healthy even though it doesn't appear that way when you look at Noah's face.  Mum-mum crackers (for babies/toddlers) with nutella spread on top!  DELICIOUS. But Nutella is good on anything in my opinion.  And I think this little guy would agree. 

Could't resist posting this sweet moment captured that same evening.  Daddy and Levi enjoying some r&r.  

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