Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving...a first for our family!

Today, we pulled out the big garbage bag, the big spoon, the big green bowl, and the big pumpkin!  What an exciting memory.  Savannah and Noah showed off their new pj's from Mimi and got to sit on the TABLE!  (they were probably more excited about that than carving the pumpkin!)  
 Savannah wasn't too sure about all the slimy stuff... her job was to pick out the seeds and put them in a bowl (for roasting later!!)
 "Let me look, Daddy!"

 Peek A BOO!!!!!

 Our little pumpkin baby!  Love him to pieces.  
 Silly daddy! =)He was our master carver!
 CUTE!! Love this little girl.  
 Noah didn't find it amusing at all!

And glowing brightly tonight on our dining room table is our jack-o-lantern.  Savannah came in from Hallelujah night at church and wanted to look inside to see if we had left any seeds!  She LOVED watching him glow!  

Another great day in our nest...

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