Friday, November 5, 2010

What's so great about today?

I could mention about my sweet husband waking this morning with Savannah and Noah and letting me sleep in (after being up several times through the night with the wee one)...or about how Savannah and I went out to the post office and the dollar store (just the 2 of us) for a little mommy/daughter time...or how some sweet friends of ours brought us a delicious dinner (Thank you Ginger and Hilt!!)...or how my, again, sweet husband bathed the children early tonight and got them ready for bed before heading out for the "guys monthly movie night!" No photos for those moments, but these are the simple moments I captured today... 
For the last few days, little Noah has found that he really likes sitting at the table in a REAL chair!  He will sit for what seems like hours (it's really not) and watch me in the kitchen or whatever is going on around him.  He loves to eat his snack here, just like his big sister.  It's so cute to watch his little neck crane to see what's in his bowl.  You're growing too fast little buddy!!  

Because Dolan was heading out tonight and I would be doing bedtime solo...we decided to let Savannah skip her nap today (hence the mommy/daughter date to the dollar store!!).  So,down they go at 7:00 (one hour early!)  Her usual reading could be heard in the living room but only for a few minutes.  I went down to check on her and this is what I found.... 
Sound asleep on top of a book right next to her brighter-than-the-sun nightlight shining right in her sweet face. A tired little girl, she was!

As for baby Levi, he is staying awake for longer periods (30 minutes is about all he can do right now...except for in the middle of the night of course) =)   He is very content with "background noise," and he is just, well, precious!

It's been a pretty great Thursday in our nest.  So thankful tonight for the gift of family and the privilege to record our family moments...from the everyday, ordinary one's to the sweet, special, extraordinary one's.   

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