Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Paint... (AND glue!)

Craft time!!  If you've read some of our other craft posts, you'll remember that Savannah LOVES paint and glue!  So, for a fall craft, we first headed outside with our grocery bag to do some leaf collecting!  
We collected quite a few...

Then, it's back inside to create!  Since there are no photos of the next step, I'll let you in on the excitement!  I painted Savannah's arm and hand with brown paint...this would be the tree (she LOVED this), then placed it carefully on our paper which was prepared with "grass" (green paper cut to look blade-like and glued onto the blue paper).  The next step...choose some leaves and glue them onto the "branches" (fingers).  =)  Here we go...

 "Which glue should I use?  Hmmmmmmmm....."
 And the winner is.... (I knew it all along!...there's just something about pouring puddles of glue that kids love!)
I love her heavy concentration!
And the finished product...
I love how she wanted to glue some leaves on the grass because they had "fallen."  And I so love how Savannah's face lights up when I say, "Craft time!!"  

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