Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Happens Between Posts?

I admire all the mommy bloggers in the blogosphere who manage to post daily.  While many of them most likely use the great blogging practice of "scheduling" their posts...still!  That takes TIME!  I've done it a few times...not enough.  It's my new goal for this blog.  To write several posts at one time and schedule them.  
But, just in case you're wondering why there are gaps in my posting are a few possible reasons:

(yes, there are precious coupons down there!)



managing *this*
 let me give you a better look!



and I just might be enjoying a *this*
So, no posts in a couple of days...I have my reasons.  =)But, I'll never stop writing...I have the greatest subjects who offer daily inspiration!  Now, if I could just manage my postings!! I'll work on it...promise. 

For you bloggers out there, what is the most challenging aspect of blogging to you?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Field Trip...Animal Shelter!

We have been learning the sound of "D," how to write "Dd," and about things that start with "D," so it seemed appropriate that we visit some doggies!  Savannah enjoys being around them and Noah is slowly starting to accept them into his life. We took a morning field trip to our county's animal shelter. Such a wonderful experience, yet heart breaking all the same.  If you've ever visited an animal shelter, then you know exactly what I mean.
 As we came into the first room of cages, we got a taste of the constant, clamorous, ear-popping noise the staff and volunteers endure on a daily basis. The little puppy you see here won our hearts immediately.  

 Told ya!

 Here we are in the next room of larger cages...which means larger dogs (and much LOUDER)! Savannah started to walk close to the cages, but quickly changed direction and nervously backed herself right up to the wall.

Can you hear her expressed desire for the dogs to quiet down? 
 There were rooms designated for "meet and greets!"  Volunteers were playing with this little guy and we kindly asked if we could "play" too!  I was so impressed by the number of volunteers (many of them kids)!
Noah seemed to like the kitties!  They WERE much quieter.  

 As we headed out, after seeing all the animals, we noticed a box at the entrance filled with doggy treats and a sign, "Please feel free to give a dog a treat!" Well, that made Savannah's day! Back to the first room...the puppy room!
 And back to the play room!

Seeing Savannah play...and that this was a nice puppy, Noah decided he'd like to get out!

 We enjoyed playing with this little guy until Savannah got REALLY comfortable with the place and decided to run out the door, down the hallway, and into the cage area by herself to get another dog!!! OK...think it's time to go! 

What a special place this was.  Such a clean and welcoming environment for these special furry friends.  Wanted to take a few home! Maybe one day.  For now, we'll add the animal shelter to our list of "favorite field trips!"


Monday, August 15, 2011

In a Rush with THREE!

OK....what a morning! 

Up and at 'em at 7:30...fed Levi, changed Levi, changed Noah, dressed Noah, checked e-mail, poured coffee, waited until 8:00 to call Prinecton Peds to find out when Levi was to be there for his 9 mo. appt. (their reminder call always cuts off the time...very frustrating because I made the appt. on the phone and lost the piece of paper where I recorded the time!!)...Back to our after pouring coffee, get breakfast on the table, Levi in high chair, Noah in seat...needs to be changed again, Savannah in seat, quick prayer with Savannah so she can start,, grab some puffs and throw them to Levi who is pounding his high chair tray, change Noah, realize it's 8:30 and I haven't called Princeton Peds., call Princeton Peds....appt. is at 9:00!!!! Oh. My. Goodness.  Tell kids to hurry and eat (they don't listen), try to shove as much oatmeal/apple puree I possibly can into Levi's little mouth, gulp as much coffee as possible, cram a day-old pancake in my mouth, take plates, unbuckle Noah, unbuckle Levi, dress Savannah, brush teeth, dress myself, throw my hair up in a clip, grab diaper bag, grab keys, grab Levi, push kids out the door, put Levi in car seat, ask Noah, who is drawing with sidewalk chalk, to please come and get into his seat, buckle Savannah, go and pick Noah up and place him in his seat, tell kids no we are not watching a movie (3 times), drive out of driveway, look in mirror and realize I look like a pure mess, roll eyes because who cares at this point, drive (*a little above speed limit*) to make it to our doctor at 9:25.  WE REALLY TRIED!!!!! They were beyond kind and still took us right back.  Ahhhhh.  Breathe.  

The appointment went well. Here is our happy, smiley, 18 pound baby (he's little, but long at almost 29 inches).   

 I love how the kids are always given a free book at well visits.

Had planned a run to Harris Teeter, but quickly changed my mind.... any guesses why???

I LOVE my children...they keep me in shape! =)
Here's hoping that lunch time will have no surprises! 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday on Sunday!

So, the thing about Wordless Wednesday is, the picture tells the story! No words needed!  Or, at least that is the hope.  For this past week's "wordless wednesday,"  I thought some may like to have some words to put with that little picture.  

Cooking dinner, I heard a faint, "mommy!" coupled with a tap-tap-tap.  As I walked around the corner of the kitchen, all I could do was smile.  I even wanted to cry! 

He was so proud, and wanted to please me. He had a "unripened gift" from our garden.  2 round, green, hard tomatoes.  OK...I want to cry again just gazing at this picture.

I'm just thankful he didn't ask me to "eat 'em mommy!"  I'm a softy for this red-head, for sure!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Homeschooling Preschoolers!

You might homeschool your preschooler if:
  • there is an alphabet poster taped on the wall of your dining room.
  • while cooking, you break out in song, "the d says duh, the d says duh....every letter makes a sound, the d says duh."  (thank you very much leap frog!)
  • a trip to the library...some days...counts for school!
  • your printer spits out more "great ideas" than you could ever do in a day!
  • you step on a math manipulative on your pre-dawn stumble to the bathroom.
  • every room in your house (and outside) is a classroom.
  • you walk through the produce section of the grocery store and your child is naming the beginning sounds of EVERY vegetable!
  • part of your morning routine involves "circle time!"
  • and you sometimes find yourself conducting a reading lesson long after bedtime, simply because your preschooler wants you to teach them how to read....right NOW!
Isn't it fun? Isn't it exhausting? Isn't it a blessing?  For me, it's all three...and I've only just begun.  Encouragement, advice, practical application, inspiration....I need it all!

While perusing several great blogs on this and other relevant topics, I read about this fantastic giveaway over at Generation Cedar.  The book...Preschool at Home Where They Belong.  I am wanting to curl up in bed with this book, TONIGHT!  (I mean, who needs John Grisham when you can read a book about training young minds and making the home a place where your children love to learn!) So, maybe I'll win a copy.  If not, I think it's on my "READ ASAP" list.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where You Go, I Will Go

Today is a milestone...a great feat...a triumphant anniversary.  A TEN year anniversary.  10 years ago today...and almost at this very hour, I said aloud in front of a crowd of family and friends, "Where you go, I will go..." The rings were securely placed on our trembling fingers, the vows were sealed with a kiss, and together we journeyed hand-in-hand into this whirlwind we call married life.

Some would say we have the perfect marriage.  Guess that depends on your definition for perfection.  We have our moments, as do all normal couples and we fail daily...Because Christ is at the heart of our marriage, we love each other with an undying love...and that's that!

Dolan, a lot of life has happened in the last 10 years!  I'm still absolutely in love with you today.  And I'll still go where you go.  Why?


  • You are my best friend.
  • You are my partner in life.
  • You pick out the best chocolates for me.
  • You always put the toilet seat down.
  • You are the perfect gentleman.
  • You make me laugh....daily!
  • I'd be lost without your technical abilities...I think you're a genius!
  • You love our kiddos.
  • You let me go myself.... ahhhhhhh!
  • You say the sweetest things!
  • You call me "lady."  (Please don't ever stop)
  • You text me sometimes during the day when I know you are so busy.
  • You care for others and their needs.
  • You have an amazing gift of servanthood.
  • You love Christmas like I do!
  • You built me a garden.
  • You let me be mad, but you don't let me stay that way.
  • You bathe our filthy children. =)
  • You're taking this Monday off, and I am EXUBERANT! 
  • You are so handsome!
  • You are so handsome!
  • You are so handsome!
  • You eat everything I cook...EVERYTHING!
  • You always see the cup half full.
  • You put up with my "issues" over how to make the bed and how to load the dishwasher. =)
  • You always smell good!
  • You belt out a good 80's song on pretty much a daily basis.
  • You have given me a collection of the little boy/girl cards since we were dating! (Thank you for the one you gave me this's my new favorite).
  • You listen to my dreams and you share yours with me...and amazingly, they fit together like a puzzle.
  • You're you.
I hope you know how much I adore you.  Ready for 10 more? I am...

Happy Anniversary to my endless love. Where you go, I will go.

Monday, August 1, 2011

In the Dentist's Chair

The time has come.  She's a big girl.  We must have a visit with the dentist.  We've been talking about this day for weeks to get her ready!  And today was the day! (Consequently, it is also "D" week in our little academy...Gotta love it when that happens.)  

She was a BIG girl! Showed only a teensy bit of anxiety...and even that seems too big a word.  So, take a look at this first for the Dentist's chair!

 She LOVED the reclining seat!!  Here she is all smiles (and if you listen closely, you'll hear the giggles too).  

A pair of sunglasses may come with us next time! She did NOT like that light!

 Oh, this was a delight! Kissing the "suctioner." (Probably not the correct term) She thought this was the funniest thing!

In comes the dentist...
 who let her hold his TOOLS!
and who made her laugh when he asked her how many tongues she had! 
1...2...3... Counting teeth!

Really proud of her!

And for being SO good...she was given a special goody bag and a gift certificate to pizza inn (which she SO wanted to use TODAY). 

 What little girl doesn't love some new jewels? 
 A happy girl! (With CLEAN teeth!)

Yes, it's just the dentist...But these are the moments that make me realize how precious life is.  These little "firsts." These milestones that prove over and over again, that children grow up. Fast. So, before I start crying over a post about the dentist, I'll wish you blessings and post.


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