Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday on Sunday!

So, the thing about Wordless Wednesday is, the picture tells the story! No words needed!  Or, at least that is the hope.  For this past week's "wordless wednesday,"  I thought some may like to have some words to put with that little picture.  

Cooking dinner, I heard a faint, "mommy!" coupled with a tap-tap-tap.  As I walked around the corner of the kitchen, all I could do was smile.  I even wanted to cry! 

He was so proud, and wanted to please me. He had a "unripened gift" from our garden.  2 round, green, hard tomatoes.  OK...I want to cry again just gazing at this picture.

I'm just thankful he didn't ask me to "eat 'em mommy!"  I'm a softy for this red-head, for sure!


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