Monday, August 15, 2011

In a Rush with THREE!

OK....what a morning! 

Up and at 'em at 7:30...fed Levi, changed Levi, changed Noah, dressed Noah, checked e-mail, poured coffee, waited until 8:00 to call Prinecton Peds to find out when Levi was to be there for his 9 mo. appt. (their reminder call always cuts off the time...very frustrating because I made the appt. on the phone and lost the piece of paper where I recorded the time!!)...Back to our after pouring coffee, get breakfast on the table, Levi in high chair, Noah in seat...needs to be changed again, Savannah in seat, quick prayer with Savannah so she can start,, grab some puffs and throw them to Levi who is pounding his high chair tray, change Noah, realize it's 8:30 and I haven't called Princeton Peds., call Princeton Peds....appt. is at 9:00!!!! Oh. My. Goodness.  Tell kids to hurry and eat (they don't listen), try to shove as much oatmeal/apple puree I possibly can into Levi's little mouth, gulp as much coffee as possible, cram a day-old pancake in my mouth, take plates, unbuckle Noah, unbuckle Levi, dress Savannah, brush teeth, dress myself, throw my hair up in a clip, grab diaper bag, grab keys, grab Levi, push kids out the door, put Levi in car seat, ask Noah, who is drawing with sidewalk chalk, to please come and get into his seat, buckle Savannah, go and pick Noah up and place him in his seat, tell kids no we are not watching a movie (3 times), drive out of driveway, look in mirror and realize I look like a pure mess, roll eyes because who cares at this point, drive (*a little above speed limit*) to make it to our doctor at 9:25.  WE REALLY TRIED!!!!! They were beyond kind and still took us right back.  Ahhhhh.  Breathe.  

The appointment went well. Here is our happy, smiley, 18 pound baby (he's little, but long at almost 29 inches).   

 I love how the kids are always given a free book at well visits.

Had planned a run to Harris Teeter, but quickly changed my mind.... any guesses why???

I LOVE my children...they keep me in shape! =)
Here's hoping that lunch time will have no surprises! 


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Anonymous said...

K. you never cease to either make me cry, ....or LAUGH OUT LOUD as you did today. I could just visualize you running around like the Energizer Bunny getting everything done... (you should have called your Mum for babysitting purposes)!! :> But then you wouldn't have lived this hilarious post! or....would you??!! ;> (meaning I believe you live this everyday with three little ones)!! Love you, Mom

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