Monday, August 1, 2011

In the Dentist's Chair

The time has come.  She's a big girl.  We must have a visit with the dentist.  We've been talking about this day for weeks to get her ready!  And today was the day! (Consequently, it is also "D" week in our little academy...Gotta love it when that happens.)  

She was a BIG girl! Showed only a teensy bit of anxiety...and even that seems too big a word.  So, take a look at this first for the Dentist's chair!

 She LOVED the reclining seat!!  Here she is all smiles (and if you listen closely, you'll hear the giggles too).  

A pair of sunglasses may come with us next time! She did NOT like that light!

 Oh, this was a delight! Kissing the "suctioner." (Probably not the correct term) She thought this was the funniest thing!

In comes the dentist...
 who let her hold his TOOLS!
and who made her laugh when he asked her how many tongues she had! 
1...2...3... Counting teeth!

Really proud of her!

And for being SO good...she was given a special goody bag and a gift certificate to pizza inn (which she SO wanted to use TODAY). 

 What little girl doesn't love some new jewels? 
 A happy girl! (With CLEAN teeth!)

Yes, it's just the dentist...But these are the moments that make me realize how precious life is.  These little "firsts." These milestones that prove over and over again, that children grow up. Fast. So, before I start crying over a post about the dentist, I'll wish you blessings and post.


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Anonymous said... the comments with the pics. You got some really good photos of this "first" One day she is really going to appreciate a Mom who took the time to chronicle so much of her young life. ;) Love you, Mom

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