Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Field Trip...Animal Shelter!

We have been learning the sound of "D," how to write "Dd," and about things that start with "D," so it seemed appropriate that we visit some doggies!  Savannah enjoys being around them and Noah is slowly starting to accept them into his life. We took a morning field trip to our county's animal shelter. Such a wonderful experience, yet heart breaking all the same.  If you've ever visited an animal shelter, then you know exactly what I mean.
 As we came into the first room of cages, we got a taste of the constant, clamorous, ear-popping noise the staff and volunteers endure on a daily basis. The little puppy you see here won our hearts immediately.  

 Told ya!

 Here we are in the next room of larger cages...which means larger dogs (and much LOUDER)! Savannah started to walk close to the cages, but quickly changed direction and nervously backed herself right up to the wall.

Can you hear her expressed desire for the dogs to quiet down? 
 There were rooms designated for "meet and greets!"  Volunteers were playing with this little guy and we kindly asked if we could "play" too!  I was so impressed by the number of volunteers (many of them kids)!
Noah seemed to like the kitties!  They WERE much quieter.  

 As we headed out, after seeing all the animals, we noticed a box at the entrance filled with doggy treats and a sign, "Please feel free to give a dog a treat!" Well, that made Savannah's day! Back to the first room...the puppy room!
 And back to the play room!

Seeing Savannah play...and that this was a nice puppy, Noah decided he'd like to get out!

 We enjoyed playing with this little guy until Savannah got REALLY comfortable with the place and decided to run out the door, down the hallway, and into the cage area by herself to get another dog!!! OK...think it's time to go! 

What a special place this was.  Such a clean and welcoming environment for these special furry friends.  Wanted to take a few home! Maybe one day.  For now, we'll add the animal shelter to our list of "favorite field trips!"



Anonymous said... know this would be MY favorite field trip as well!! Love the pics...and especially Savannah's hat!! I think you have a real animal lover on your hands Mom! ;> (and maybe Noah too...eventually). And according to Uncle Michael...Levi is "right at home" with doggies. Can't wait until you guys do get a little 4 legged family member to add to your FULL nest. ;> (the first puppy looked just like Harley at that age)!! Now you know why I couldn't resist him!
Love your creativity in teaching your children about this wonderful world we live in.
And...I love you!

christa o'neill said...

why go to the animal shelter? theres always my house! lol.

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