Thursday, November 10, 2011

Notes From My Nest has a new home!

To our family and faithful followers, we have moved! Not literally.  Just to a new place on this world wide web.

You may know this.  But, I'm passionate about documenting life.  So, I spend a lot of time in front of this screen.  I'm encouraged by many other bloggers and would like to do likewise to those who take time out to read here.

For quite some time, I've contemplated a name change.  Something that sums up our home.  How we "roll." What we value.  Get the picture?

I also wanted to move to a platform that would simplify my life.  Since tech savvy is not one of my personal adjectives.

So, here we go.

The name.
Little House Domestic devoted to all the simple pleasures of home.

It would be a joy for us if you'd come over for a visit.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eat. Share. Read... Rinse and Repeat.

For us, we look forward to dinner time! Not because of an elaborate meal...because it never is. Remember, I have 3 kids! It's because it's the one time of day we all sit together, with no interruptions, eat, and enjoy being in one another's company.  Does that sound "Walton-like?" So be it.

This is where Savannah and Noah have learned the Lord's Prayer by heart.  It's where they share about their day with daddy.  It's where Levi learns to sign rather than scream for his food (we're STILL working hard here). It's where laughter fills the whole house.  It's where hard conversations happen when they need to happen.  

And it's where stories are sometimes read.  Like this particular night.

He sure does love his babies.  And I love that he thinks story time is so important. After all, did you see that expression on Savannah's face?  Go back up and take a look. 

I think reading to your children is one of the most joyous gifts you can give them.  For so many reasons.  Agree? I'm sure you do!

And just because I thought it was cute...I threw in some shots of them showing off their super scary bats they made at the library!!
 (I think they look so much alike here).
Good night for now.  I think I'll go plan tomorrow's elaborate meal.  hehehehe.


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