Friday, August 12, 2011

Homeschooling Preschoolers!

You might homeschool your preschooler if:
  • there is an alphabet poster taped on the wall of your dining room.
  • while cooking, you break out in song, "the d says duh, the d says duh....every letter makes a sound, the d says duh."  (thank you very much leap frog!)
  • a trip to the library...some days...counts for school!
  • your printer spits out more "great ideas" than you could ever do in a day!
  • you step on a math manipulative on your pre-dawn stumble to the bathroom.
  • every room in your house (and outside) is a classroom.
  • you walk through the produce section of the grocery store and your child is naming the beginning sounds of EVERY vegetable!
  • part of your morning routine involves "circle time!"
  • and you sometimes find yourself conducting a reading lesson long after bedtime, simply because your preschooler wants you to teach them how to read....right NOW!
Isn't it fun? Isn't it exhausting? Isn't it a blessing?  For me, it's all three...and I've only just begun.  Encouragement, advice, practical application, inspiration....I need it all!

While perusing several great blogs on this and other relevant topics, I read about this fantastic giveaway over at Generation Cedar.  The book...Preschool at Home Where They Belong.  I am wanting to curl up in bed with this book, TONIGHT!  (I mean, who needs John Grisham when you can read a book about training young minds and making the home a place where your children love to learn!) So, maybe I'll win a copy.  If not, I think it's on my "READ ASAP" list.


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