Friday, July 29, 2011


We've been studying the letter "C" this week.  Caterpillars, Cars, and Caring are a few of our favorite words.   

Today, while doing the dishes, I said to Savannah: "Practice writing your name on your tracing sheet and I have a pack of smarties waiting for you!  And Noah, if you'll draw mommy a picture, I'll give you a pack too!"  (Some might call this...*gasp*...bribery....and SO WRONG! But my kids happen to LOVE it when this occasionally occurs, so we go with it!)

Back to the smarties...After offering Noah a pack, Savannah says, "Awwww...mommy that's caring! You're showing caring!"  Well thank you very much, Savannah.  Oh, and your name looks lovely!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so precious!!!! ;> Love those little ones...and you too!! Mom

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