Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Little Garden....and a Simple 4th!

Our July 4th was spent right where we love to be...home.  We were all outside from morning to evening and made lots of small memories.

Like this one...
 Savannah pulls the first squash from our little garden!

And yes, we cooked it for dinner.  One squash, four people! =) But, Savannah insisted! (And she really doesn't care for squash)

I'm so disappointed in myself for not taking photos of the garden from its beginning.  Dolan built 2 beautiful garden beds and placed them right next to our "playroom" where the sun touches them mid-morning and we can look out and observe its progress. Our sweet neighbors gave us their "volunteer" tomato plants to grow.  We're unsure of the kind...thinking maybe cherry tomatoes? (Any guesses?)  Regardless, we'll eat them up.  I'm even planning to can some!
 And these zucchini beauties are almost ready! They'll be so good stir-fried with squash and onions...or cooked into homemade spaghetti sauce.
We're all thrilled over our watermelon plants (from Mr. Don and Mrs. Marie)! They are doing great.  (So well we had to let them run out of the beds and onto the ground).  
Love it!  The kids get so excited to go "check the garden" to see the progress. They are great little helpers!

For our first garden, it has been such a joy to watch. 
Our little garden friend given to us many years ago from Dolan's parents.  He fits in perfectly on this little ledge. 
I hope to do better and post more photos from the garden.  

This is the beginnings of some birthday decorations (custom designed by Savannah and Noah!) Their birthday party is approaching this weekend! =)  
 The sidewalk chalk is always fun!

Then later, as Daddy grilled, we had a little treat.  For the kids, caramel milk with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.  Yes, they loved it incase you're wondering! =) 

 For Dolan and me, an iced caramel mocha! Ice on the bottom, about 1 cup strong coffee (I did use decaf though), pour the rest of the way with milk, add lots of squirts of caramel (or chocolate), top with whipped cream, and more squirts of chocolate! Found the recipe on-line.  It was ........REALLY GOOD!

 Dolan grilled some yummy bar-b-que chicken, potatoes, and yes, our little squash! Let's eat!

 Homemade wheat bread (frozen store-bought was excellent).
 SOMEONE likes a lot of butter! 

We hope your 4th was filled with the simple pleasures that memories are made of!


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Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a wonderful holiday! Just love the pics! Thanks for sharing your family with all of us!!
love you,

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