Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Noah.

First of all, this post will be dated July 11, the day after his birthday; however, to me, today was his birthday being that I am just now turning in for the night, blogging from the comforts of my pillow,  soft mattress, and ceiling fan. It is 1:16 am, but today was our little boy's special day and I couldn't sleep without honoring him on this little blog.  

We celebrated a double birthday yesterday...honoring Savannah's 4th and Noah's 2nd.  Lots of family and friends joined us and pics will follow soon of yesterday's wonderful day! But TODAY is his birthday, so this is all about Noah's day...from wake-up to bed time.

It began with hot cinnamon rolls, one of his favorites, complete with 2 candles.  He couldn't very well blow out his candles yesterday due to a nice breeze.  
But today, SUCCESS!
Then, a little later...after lots of playtime inside with birthday presents, homemade milkshakes and playtime in the yard.  

 He and Savannah received a sidewalk paint set from Abigail and Josiah.  He loved it!

 Let me tell you just a little about the picture below.  Noah was waiting patiently for Savannah to finish with the paint roller because he wanted to use it.  Notice there is a perfectly good brush laying nearby.  Why did he want the roller?  Because she was using it, of course.  After sitting and watching her paint with the roller for what seemed like hours...I finally asked Savannah to give him a turn with it. She laid it down in complete frustration and turned her back, as seen below.  What is not pictured was another level of her frustration....the crossing of the arms and the protrusion of the chin! Yes, she was officially UPSET!  
 It matters not to Noah.

The frustration subsided and playtime commenced after they both moved on to other things.  

For Noah, that was his red milkshake cup.

 Cute is not the word, here.
He received a wagon from Daddy and Mommy.  So much fun to ride with baby brother.
 But even MORE fun to pull baby brother!

After heading inside, getting all cleaned up, eating supper, getting into pajamas, and brushing teeth, he received a special birthday gift.  
A board book, "Before you were 2, these were a few of your favorite things."  It came in yesterday, but only a short while before the party and I did not want to rush into opening and looking through it just before giving it to him, so we decided to wait until today.

 He enjoyed so much looking through the pictures.

Click here to view Noah's book

Little buddy, your daddy and I cannot tell you how very much we love you. You are special to us in so many ways.  Happy 2nd birthday, Noah.  This year is going to be a great one!

Feeling blessed to be his mommy,


Carol Wilson said...

Such a sweet post. Looks like Noah had a great day. I had to laugh out loud at the pic of Savannah with her back turned (precious)!!!

Carol Wilson said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I LOVE Noah's board book.

Anonymous said...

Love this Blog!!! We all love little Noah so much....(and that sweet Savannah and Levi too)! It is so fun to look at the different emotions, expressions and feelings of your little ones in all of their growing-upness. ;> Just love that you are preserving these precious moments for the future too. They will always know that they are loved and cherished from the mementos you are so beautifully creating.
So proud of you...

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