Friday, July 22, 2011

Pray for your Children

Growing up, I remember hearing mama praying. Everywhere.  In the car, in the kitchen, in my bedroom, even the bathroom.  Often, it was for others (including my sister and me)....but on occasion, it was during moments where things just weren't working out right.  You know, like the car wouldn't start.  Or, the rent was due. Or she stumped her toe!  More often than I can possibly remember, I heard prayers lifted up.

I was surrounded by praying people.  Such a blessing, I know. Fast forward 20+ years to yesterday.  My sweet Savannah and Noah left to spend the night with Mimi.  I left with Levi and was headed out to run some errands.  After reaching a stop sign at the end of our road, thinking about Savannah and Noah, I turned off the radio and offered up this prayer:  "Lord, please put angels around my children today.  Please keep them in the very palm of your hand.  Protect them, Lord."  A simple prayer, but from my heart.

Later yesterday evening, I called mom.  She told me of all the fun things they had been doing.  How they had visited my grandparents, and swam in the dog pool! =)  Then, hesitantly, she told me how after leaving our house and getting onto HWY 795, how a fast-moving car swerved into her lane almost hitting her car and how she almost hit the guard rail.

I will NEVER stop praying for my children!

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