Friday, December 3, 2010

2 big girls...2 tiny houses

The local library provided a wonderful craft for the young one's this week.  Little gingerbread houses made out of milk carton's and graham crackers.  Savannah was so excited because she would get to see her friend, Rachel.  So, after Mimi arrived to watch Noah, we headed to the library and jumped right in on all the fun!

Even Lily and Levi joined us!  They were such good babies!

Guess she didn't think we'd see her taking a bite from her "house supplies."  

So proud of their work... she is eating again!!!

Danielle giving Rachel some decorating tips...

Savannah's gingerbread house...completed! 

OK, we're done now...can we go to Chic-fil-A?  
And that's just what we did... Rachel even got to ride with us which was a special treat for both of them.  Such a fun morning with friends.  And Savannah's new house sits in our dining room ever so *sweetly*.

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