Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A tradition has begun...

Christmas...the very word brings a smile to my face.  And oh the joy of watching a child react to the carols and lights, the sweets and treats, and traditions...those old and those just beginning.  For our family, we have begun a tradition of letting the children decorate their own small tree for their room.  This year, Savannah is old enough to do this herself.  So, with great excitement, here she is fixing up her tree.  

 She enjoyed pulling out "her" ornaments...those given to her over the past couple of years from mommy and daddy, and others. This picture shows her sweet expression as she finds her "jack in the box" ornament from mommy and daddy in 2008.  It actually winds and a gingerbread man pops out!  I love how genuinely excited she is over something as simple as an ornament.  Joy is in the small stuff!

Savannah's tree...just as she wanted it.  =)  You can't really see it in the picture, but over to the left, there is a poor stem with approximately 5 ornaments dangling from it. Again...just as she wanted it.  
I thought for sure that night she would want to leave her tree lit as she fell  She wants them turned off every night when we kiss her goodnight.  Funny girl...that Savannah.  

A great beginning to a tradition we hope will continue with all 3 for a long time.  Check back for Noah and Levi's tree as well as more posts from Christmas time in our nest.  

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