Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Visit With Santa!

Yesterday, we set out to have a visit with Santa.  Savannah was so excited and couldn't wait! When we arrived at the Berkeley Mall and ventured towards Santa himself, Savannah talked and talked while holding my hand about how she was going to talk to him and sit on his lap. She hoped she would get to see his sleigh and of course, Rudolph.  =)When we reached him, she walked right along the roped path and right up to his chair (thankfully, no one was waiting)and began to talk to him and tell him what our plans were for the rest of the day.  She climbed up in his lap and sat for a moment until we brought Noah and Levi over.  Then, he kindly asked Savannah to sit beside him in HIS chair!! She liked that.  We placed Levi in his lap next hoping Noah might feel a little more at ease, considering he was gripping my arm in a "don't put me down" sort of way.  We got him to sit on his knee.  There were a few tears, but with daddy and mommy distracting, and with the help of the workers who provided props just for this scenario....we got this picture! 
And we're very pleased!  
Have you been to visit Santa?  Share your  experience with us.  

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