Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve...We're Ready Santa!

Christmas Eve morning, we finished working on the "gingerbread village."  Next year, I may go with the single house.  Putting the little tiny houses together turned out to be a little more challenging than I had anticipated when I saw the sale sign that day after Thanksgiving at Michael's.  We made the icing included in the box (several days earlier)with full intentions of it being a one-evening-project. just didn't work out (without going into too much detail). After all, this post is supposed to be about Christmas Eve.  So, we used some store-bought cake icing(found it to me much easier). We skipped the piping bag and just used a handy spatula to spread that pretty white sugar on! (I admire the baker who takes great pride in piping beautiful, smooth, straight lines).  I don't have this talent! So, for day 2 of our village crafting...

 Savannah is into it!!

She wanted to place gumdrops all the way around...This is her own custom design.  =)

Later that same night after a great evening with my in-laws, we came home, read our last book from the Christmas book bin, The Christmas Star, the story of Christ's birth.  We placed pretzels on Santa's plate, filled a mug with milk, gave him a napkin, and even a chair to sit in! It's off to bed!  
Did not get a picture of Savannah, but it took her the longest to fall asleep. Finally, late into the night, Santa came!

The first thing Savannah wanted to check on Christmas morning was to see if Santa ate all of his pretzels! =)  She ate his crumbs...then checked out the presents.  What a special morning.  We enjoyed our children, played with them, then sat down to a breakfast together. 
So blessed to call these people my family. I love each one of them  so very much.  At this Christmastime and always, I count my many blessings.  

JOY to you and yours!  

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