Sunday, December 26, 2010


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow and snow and SNOW!!! I know I haven't yet blogged about Christmas festivities, but I had to post the pictures of our beautiful North Carolina snow.  What a way to celebrate Christmas 2010.  I said to Dolan this morning while the snow was falling, "One of the reasons I love snow is that it makes you slow down!" Isn't this true?  When it snows enough to keep everyone home, together, spending cherished time...forgetting everything else on the "to do" list and making memories that will be talked about years from now.  
 Noah's first snow...that he can actually play in! (He was 6 months old during last year's snow).  
Savannah did not want to make a snowman, just dig and throw the snow.  They played for about 45 minutes and were ready to come in.  We drank hot cocoa with marshmallows, then daddy gave them a warm bath.  They settled down for a nap and so did Daddy, Mommy, and Levi.  

We hope you enjoyed the snow as much as we did and maybe had the chance to slow down a little.  

~Father, thank you for showing us yet another amazing part of your creation today.  I couldn't take my eyes away from the window. It was a true work of art. 

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