Friday, December 17, 2010

A tree for Noah and Levi

Noah had the privilege of decorating this very cool silver tree for his and Levi's room...even though Levi does not actually live in there just yet.  The picture below captures the only ornament he placed on the tree.  The remaining pictures show a little bit of fun he had while sitting on the table!

 Pulling on the tree...

 Engaging Savannah in the fun...

He wasn't quite sure what to do with the ornaments and just wanted to throw them around the table.  =) Oh well, he had fun!  We headed to his room to set it up and plug it in and he loved it!!
He likes for us to leave it on at night.  It's so sweet to go in his bedroom after he has fallen asleep and watch him lay so peacefully in the glow of his little tree.  Merry Christmas Noah and Levi! We hope your first tree will be around for a long time! 

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