Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple Dilemma: Preserve or Eat!

My mother and father-in law recently gave our family a large box of yummy yellow apples!  I was so excited to get them in the freezer...after eating a few and tasting just how delicious they were.  
This fancy apple slicer you see here belongs to my sister-in-law and she was so kind to loan it to us so that we could preserve our apples more efficiently.  The kiddos thought it was something from a movie! When I brought it out of the box, their eyes grew wide and you would have thought it was a brand new toy delivered by Santa himself! What probably would have taken 5 minutes to put together, turned into 20! "Savannah, can you get Levi a toy?" "Noah, hold on just a minute, let mommy put it together." "Don't put the apple on yet, please." "Hand me the screwdriver, Noah." "Oh, it's a phillips...Savannah, can you go and get a penny from mommy's wallet?" "Levi, what is in your mouth?" ( I ALL are saying, WHY in the world did she try to put that thing together with all of her kids?)
So, maybe I could have prepared ahead a little better, but look at all the fun they had! 

Savannah and I were turning the slicer and as the peeling fell off, guess who was more than ready and willing to take care of it!

From the looks of this table, you'd think we had sliced a dozen apples...Try 2! 

Seeing that more were being eaten, squished, stepped on...etc. etc. etc....we tidied the table (which means, I cleaned while they ate) and put away the slicer, for mommy to resume at another nap time!  

We'll be delivering that back to our "Aunt Neese" soon (and I'm sure the children will surely miss it!).

Thankfully, we have lots of baggies in the freezer filled with apple slices. Thank you, sweet family, for the apples and the memory.


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Anonymous said...

you can always make me laugh, telling your stories the way you do. ;> (I have a peeler like that one you can borrow if you'd like...Pampered Chef). Thanks again for a glimpse into your day.
Love you,

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