Sunday, October 2, 2011

School Days

Oh, how I love teaching these children.  But, OH some days it is so HARD! I have to keep reminding myself that they are only 4, 2, and almost 12 months! Every single day is different.  Actually, things can change in a matter of minutes here. We can go from 2 sitting at the table working on an activity and 1 on the floor playing with one 4yo who is devastated that a 2yo marked on her paper followed by 2yo sweeping ALL crayons/markers on the floor in retaliation followed by a mommy asking 2yo to clean them followed by an hour of whining and "I caaaaaaannnnnn't"   

For this very reason, school often carries over into other parts of our day...and I'm thankful for that.  Yes, we are doing reading lessons most nights around 8:30 in that little 4yo's room.  Trust me, she thinks it is soooooooo great! 

And as for that little 2yo and 12 mo. old....well, they keep this mama hoppin!

Here's a peak into our school room during the week we learned the letter "E." 

This is our makeshift flag because I can never remember to pick one up when we are out! I'm glad the kids don't mind! Savannah and Noah both are doing great on the "pledge of allegiance."

Give this little fella some scissors and he is occupied for at least 10 minutes! So proud of his "E" (and all of his Thomas the train stickers). =)
Lookin good, Savannah!

And there is always background noise, thanks to this little cutie.

Book Basket Baby! Quite the little sneak, he is. =) He sure does enjoy watching his brother and sister during school time.  Many mornings, I leave him in his high chair from breakfast and he just looks on with such adoration (or maybe it's just that he simply feels safe there...) =)

Thank you God for our three. They bless my heart every morning.

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Teacher and Mom Kristen. I'm so proud of you. And I love your little schoolhouse!! ;>
love you,

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