Saturday, January 22, 2011

A look into last week...

3 months today...
Levi James is growing....REALLY growing.  He looks like a completely different baby.  Can I just say it's breaking my heart.  I want to pause time and press play whenever I want to! There's something about thinking it's the last one that makes me want to hang on....Hang on to every "coo," smile, laugh, hiccup, burp, cry....Then there's the little accomplishments that take him one more step away from complete innocence.  I'm going to miss so much.  This baby is growing so much faster than my first two and it's oh so hard!  BUT, I know the next stage will be just as precious, even if it only lasts a couple of days!!!!!'s Levi at 3 months (yes there are feet pictures... because I do LOVE baby feet.)  

This is a look into our car after a trip to Smithfield Chic-Fil-A with a friend.  While Levi is not pictured, he's to your left sleeping peacefully too. =) And mama, well, she's the one taking the pictures wondering if she should just leave them in the car while she goes inside a quiet house.....hmmmmmm?
A little fun in the dryer! Some days, they play so well together! 

And this sweetheart just had her hair dryed after a fun bath.  She's growing up! 
Thursday's mail brought great things... The "Christmas at our house" book, and the 12x12 scrap page I made for our 1/11/11 day at home! 
Our room...a little challenge for me is keeping this room "haven-like."  Know what I mean?  We don't have a "junk room" so to speak, so this is where things get thrown often times.  I don't like it!  So, I thought I'd take a picture of it all nice and 'tidy' to remind me that I really like it better this way!!!
 "Look how long I am?"  This is Levi's "safe place."  In the kitchen behind the gate.  =) 
That's a little look into our week.  Hope yours was great and that  you feel as blessed as we do! 

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