Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life with our Three

Our children are growing before our very eyes.  In an attempt to capture their "right now's," I've written this post.  

  • loves to laugh hold his breath in pure elation and let out loud cackling sounds to all who smile and talk to him
  • kicks his feet, loudly, in his bed when ready for milk!
  • has the sweetest "coo" sound you've ever heard
  • has many tickle spots
  • can totally handle being pulled by the arm, leg, NECK, you name his older brother
  • rides so well in the car...until he gets hungry.  Then, driver must either pull over or endure extreme crying combined with loud singing of "Jesus Loves Me" intended to calm him, and "Mommy, paci, Mommy, milks, Mommy, Wevi (Levi), milks, paci..." Can you hear them now?
  • loves carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado's, and yogurt!! 
  • pulls his blanket up over his face when falling asleep (just to give mommy's heart a good workout).  
  • rolls to his belly in the blink of an eye
  • still has a red splotchy birthmark on the back of his neck
  • is an EASY baby!

  • continues to be so full of personality!
  • loves to follow his sister around, yet still maintains some independence and is ALL boy
  • loves his "milks!"
  • sleeps in a crib that is pulled away from the wall about 6 inches due to continued banging of head prior to giving in to nap time and bed time.
  • loves to be chased
  • stands, and sometimes sits, at the kitchen gate during any meal prep and repeatedly cries out, "EAT, mommy, EAT. Mommy, eat!"
  • has had a successful attempt at potty time!
  • wants to hold "Wevi" often...and could just sit and hold him as long as allowed! 
  • Is learning to pick up during chores and is becoming quite the little helper!
  • Still enjoys climbing onto tables...any table!
  • Can't resist dunking a toy or two every few days in the toilet.
  • Has a contagious laugh.
  • Loves to snuggle and be held, especially when tired.
  • Now has the patience to sit and hold a book for a few minutes by himself (so sweet to watch).
  • Has a growing vocabulary.
  • Displays a well-developed temper on occasion.
  • Loves to join in and sing, "ABC's," "Twinkle, Twinkle," "I've Been Working on the Railroad," "Jesus Loves Me," "He's the King," "Down By the Riverside," "Rock-A-Bye Baby," and more! 
  • Gets beyond excited at the mere mumble of the word "BATH."
  • Has daddy and mommy's heart.

  • will be 4 in two months!
  • is our little energizer early bird AND a night owl!
  • loves, loves, loves the outdoors.
  • loves to be silly ALOT (especially when Mommy is not in the mood for silly)
  • practices good manners (she says ma'am to and men too)
  • is mommy to many babies/animals...but Dordi is her special girl!
  • finds her way into mommy and daddy's bed in the wee hours of most every morning without either of them knowing (until mommy gets up to feed Levi)...then she wakes up to find herself back in her bed! (most days)
  • has learned many letter sounds and can identify many letters.
  • can quote several bible verses (a large portion of Psalm 23, Romans 3:23, Ephesians 6:1-2)
  • loves her brothers
  • has a beautiful smile and laugh
  • adores books
  • has learned how to use a mouse on the computer and now enjoys computer time right after her nap!
  • still loves a sippy cup full of milk!
  • likes to watch Dora the Explorer and Leap Frog Letter Factory
  • can dress herself (I mean, who cares if shoes are on wrong and shirts are turned backwards?)
  • thinks that "no" means we can keep right on talking about it.
  • is involved in daily chores and has a chore chart (but she does not enjoy making her little bed...and she likes to let us all in on that from time to time)
  • pretends to read stories with amazing attention to detail! She is a little sponge.  
  • is a good eater
  • always finds something...interesting...outside!
  • talks very loud and...intense when excited.
  • is very independent and will try anything!
  • has a beautiful heart.
  • will always be mommy and daddy's sunshine!

Life is full! Each day is full! And I'm thankful.


christa o'neill said...

Love it! I laughed through most of it, because it all sounds vaguely familiar. And loralye pulls her blanket over her face too! Doesn't it make you lose sleep?! And in response to your comment...can you imagine either of us looking after SIX?! I think eventually we would just stop grocery shopping all together. Im catching my breath just thinking about it. =)

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard over so many of your numbered items!! You have such a gift of "bringing" us to your moments! So glad you are recording these special times in your life. I look down the road and see us all sitting at a table somewhere and listening to you read from your books....and having huge belly laughs while Savannah, Noah and Levi just moan from ever "doing" such things. ;> Love you sweet girl!! So proud of you!!

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