Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Wagon, Some Bubbles, and Chickens...oh my!

Mother's day weekend... (I know, I'm a tad behind)! We celebrated on Saturday afternoon with Dolan's mother and family.  A beautiful day filled with fond moments and happy memories!
After eating, everyone headed outside where eggs had been hidden, bubbles had been released from the bubble machine, and big bouncy balls were waiting to be tossed around.

Mrs. Glenda, Dillion, Brandy, and baby Trey relaxing at the pond.

There was something...special...about Savannah and Noah and the chickens were quite drawn to them.  It was funny, really!  
But soon, playtime was over and Aunt Denise led them back to their coop.  

 A little curious, a little timid...Definitely testing those little ladies.

 But how they LOVE the chickens!
 Our sweet Savannah...having a blast.
Such a joy for them to be pulled in the wagon by Papa.

Love, Love, LOVE! They were both in the wagon and having the most fun!
Watching out for little brother...

Savannah made friends with the turtle...he's not real...but please don't tell her that!! 
Papa keeping his watchful eye on Noah.

Taking a little drive with Uncle Fred in the jeep was a hi-light!

Many many memories were made.  We are so thankful for the gift of our family.  


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