Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Family, Great Fun, Great Fruit!

Today really was all that.....great! I love family days.....especially when they last ALL day. We spent the morning with my in-laws celebrating mother's day with Dolan's mother. A wonderful time catching up, laughing, eating....being together! Savannah and Noah always leave exhausted from all the excitement and play! Fortunately, they fell fast asleep on the way home and Dolan and I.....talked! each other!.......without interruption!........without toddler tunes coming through the speakers! It was.......great!

After arriving home, we got the children in and thought they might go back to sleep! They did! The house was quiet. We were able to check some things off of our mental to-do list. Savannah and Noah, like most days, woke up within a few minutes of each other. I love it when they wake up with smiles! Dolan suggested we have a snack on the deck. Great idea, I thought! A perfect chance to eat this fresh pineapple I've had for 4 days sitting beautifully on my counter! He raised the umbrella while I cut up fresh pineapple! Even Noah gets a taste! He loves "real people food."

Savannah enjoyed playing with her new ball....compliments of Uncle Fred. "Thank you, Uncle Fred! I love it, Savannah."

The beautiful sun slowly setting behind the trees was a gentle, beautiful reminder that....I had not been to the grocery store!!!! Snatching up Noah and heading inside to make out my list, Dolan volunteered to keep Savannah with him while I went to the store. It wasn't long before I heard giggling in the front yard.....loud giggling! A knock at the front door, and I was on my feet only to find sweet Savannah.....SOAKED from head to toe. Daddy had set up the sprinkler to water the lawn, when little miss adventure decided to run and stand in it....laughing all the way! She's a funny girl!

Smiling, I handed out a towel and headed out the door.....that is AFTER I took the picture, of course!

After a grocery run, we finished the evening off with grilled chicken stuffed with ham and provolone, grilled corn, salad, and guessed it....pineapple! We had a great afternoon enjoying family, fun, and....yes, fruit!

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16


Anonymous said...

Playing in the sprinklers can certainly be fun, especially on a hot day. As a child I spent several years in Florida and we would turn on the sprinklers just to chase each other. I know what you mean about the giggles.

Your children have beautiful smiles.

Mr. Michael

Kristen said...

Thank you Michael....
Your comments are so thoughtful and kind. I too have childhood memories of "the sprinkler." Oh, to play like a child...

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