Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes on Noah

Our little Noah is going on 11 months old. He brings us all so much joy every day! I thought I would share a little of what is going on in his little world right now.

  • he has three little teeth (all on bottom)
  • he is ever so patient....most of the time
  • he loves mum mums and sweet potato puffs
  • he loves to try to climb into the dishwasher
  • he adores his big sister
  • he enjoys pulling ALL the books off of big sister's bookcase
  • he is persistent in attempting to bite the vacuum cord while mommy vacuums
  • he has a fascination with savannah's little potty and would live in the bathroom all day if we did not close the door
  • he has the bluest eyes and the most beautiful....yes, beautiful smile
  • noah is his middle name (first is dolan after his daddy)
  • he likes to hold his bottle all by himself
  • he crawls like a marine on a mission (legs flat on the floor and sways from side to side as he dashes to his destination)
  • he loves bananas....what baby doesn't?
  • he loves to see what he can find in the fridge when given the opportunity
  • he can stand alone for a few seconds
  • he grunts when he wants your attention (a cute grunt)
  • he has the best belly laugh
  • he weighs 17 pounds
  • he always does well in the church nursery
  • he loves to be held
  • he loves LOVES his paci
  • he wakes every morning between 6:30 and 7:00 for bottle then right back to sleep
  • he takes 2-3 naps every day and is ready for bed by 8:30
  • he is a precious gift from God and we feel so honored for him to have been placed in our care
It doesn't seem like it has been almost a year since Noah entered our life. He is a joy to watch and we look so forward to watching his little personality develop more and more with each passing day. Thank you, our heavenly Father, for Noah. We believe he is a gift from you. We pray that we honor you as we attempt to "train up (this) child in the way he should go." Proverbs 22:6


Anonymous said...

How are Noah and Savannah preparing for the arrival of their younger sibling? They must be very excited.

Maybe they will want to help out their Mom?


Kristen said...

Hey Michael,
Savannah is very excited and is already saying she is going to have 2 brothers. Noah will be adjusting when baby 3 arrives and he isn't the "baby" anymore. Kind of sad, but I guess that's just the way it has to be. Thanks for your comments. Hope you are doing well. Tell Sarah hello.

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