Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heritage Makers

I've been feeling a little guilty lately. Guilty because I have thousands of photos and very few of them are "telling their story." So so so many memories...memories lost as of now. Who doesn't love to look at a photo book/album of a loved one...be it a parent, grandparent, or even themself and learn the story behind the memories staring back at them on the page? I want my kids to know as much as possible about their childhood, but I also know that I am one woman with 2 children and another coming very soon! I simply can't keep up. So I feel guilty!

Recently, a friend shared with me her knowledge of a company called Heritage Makers. "Never heard of it," was my reply to her. She shared more. I came home, curious. Typed in the url and within 1 hour, I was not only ready to make a project, I wanted to be a consultant too!

I am so excited to now be a Heritage Makers consultant! While I have always loved to scrapbook, I never find the time to pull everything out anymore. Heritage Makers makes it easier for me to preserve the precious memories being made daily in my household! I can create beautiful story books online with the awesome Heritage Makers Studio software, as well as greeting cards, swatch books, wall canvases, posters, calendars, recipe books, daily planners... It's so great! When my kids are in bed, I can work on a project for a while and when my bed is calling me, all my work is saved in my Heritage Makers account (and it doesn't take me 30 minutes to clean up!) Don't get me wrong, I still love a traditional scrapbook, but I've learned that a completed album/storybook is better than a jpeg!! So, with Heritage Makers, perhaps I won't have to feel so guilty all the time!!

Discounts, specials, and free publishing credits are available for the taking to those who wish to invite a few people into their home and allow me to show what Heritage Makers is and how it works! Or, if I can personally help you with a project, I'd certainly love to! Stay tuned to my blog posts to see the book I'm currently working on. In the meantime, check out my website, www.capturecreatecommunicate.com. Here, you can see some of the projects that others have made and just a glimpse of all you can do if you can upload pictures, drag-n-drop, and get "just a little" creative.

So, just check it out!

Capture a memory...Create a keepsake ...Communicate the story!

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