Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot day = Library day

Today was just too hot to go out and play, so we packed up our "book bag", some sippy cups of water, and our library card and headed to the library! Savannah was excited and wanted me to find the Owl Babies book, first thing!!! This is a book we read many months ago, turned it in, and she has not since forgotten what a good read it is. So, while Savannah meandered the aisles of books, I was on an Owl Babies mission!

What a joy to watch her picking out books and "reading" them.

I wandered over to the "parent" section keeping an ear out for miss yellow who was one aisle over. The sounds of books sliding off metal shelves, some falling on the floor.... and pages turning let me know she was still just one aisle over. But it wasn't long before I was calling her name....then calling again. Not getting a response, I was on my feet to the end of the aisle where Noah was sitting patiently in his stroller. I looked both ways only to see her...........
---sitting beside a little boy on a comfy bench in a quiet corner. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she liked his bookmark (notice on the left), so she sat beside him. Maybe she thought if she sat with him, he'd give it to her.....who knows?

As with any young 3 year old, this position didn't last long. She was up and looking for more books....and yes, she brought me the little boys bookmark. He was so engrossed in his book, he didn't notice. We kindly walked it back to him and placed it back beside his still leg.

Such a big girl picture! (We placed MANY books on the "put back" cart.)

After a bathroom trip, book checkout, and another bathroom trip....we were on our way back out into the heat to the car. Savannah plopped on this bench and I decided to try to get a shot of her and Noah when a sweet lady walking up said, "Would you like me to take a picture of all of you?" So here we are!

And here is little miss yellow with guessed it, Owl Babies book.
We have already read it 3 times today! Sweet little story... Gotta love the library!

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Dolan Williams said...

I am thankful for a wife who celebrates our family in word and deed. She has taught me so much. I would begin this journey all over again with you lady. I love you more...

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