Saturday, June 12, 2010

Savannah's 3rd Birthday....Part 1

Today was lovely! Not only for me, but also for our little "soon to be" 3 year old ~ Savannah. Today we celebrated her 3rd birthday! We anticipated family coming for the celebration in the evening and she was so excited! But her celebration began this morning, when we "unveiled" daddy's project for the last couple of days. Here's a look at the process.

For a little girl, Savannah LOVES the dirt! Put a shovel, cup, spoon....anything that will her hand and she's looking a dirt pile! Knowing this, it wasn't hard for us to come up with a gift idea for her would definitely be a sandbox. Not just any sandbox, though.....a "daddy built" sandbox! Dolan was so excited to get started on the project and he made it beautiful (if a sandbox can be beautiful).

After finding a few "accessories" from the dollar store (love that place!), we fixed it all up and let her run out and play this morning!
She definitely likes it!
But first things first...

After all, sand is best felt between your toes!

She spent much of the day here.....

Savannah loves her new play space and we anticipate many hours will be spent here! (note....must buy more sunscreen!!) "Thank you, daddy, for my sandbox!" =)

..."birthday party" part 2 coming soon
~good night


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Kristen for sharing these wonderful memories with all of us!!! Me and James enjoy it so much, let's us kind of envision what our life might would have looked like without cancer. Love and miss you all!!!

Paige & James

Anonymous said...

Do you think Savannah will let Sarah and me play in the sandbox? It looks like so much fun.


Kristen said...

Paige, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. And thank you for the sweet comment. We miss you guys so much. Not a day goes by that your names are not spoken in our household!! We love you.

Michael, you are too funny. YES, she loves to have company...and especially if they will play with her toys!!!! You're welcome any time! Sorry it took me so long to comment. =) Tell Sarah hello.

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