Friday, June 4, 2010

One of those days...

Today was one of those days.....the kind where my patience was tested at seemingly every turn....the kind where my body could never catch up with the pace of my 2 energetic tots.....the kind where I could care less about what my house looked like....the kind where, at day's end, I learned to see the blessing in the small stuff!

I have been feeling well these last few weeks, but every so often the energy is nowhere to be found. And it's always on days when I need it the most. Today, I needed it...It wasn't there! Sweet Savannah is becoming more independent....a good thing! However, this new independence brings with it "attitudes" of a nature that, to avoid going into a lengthy description of our family values (save that for another post) =), we just will not allow. So we are teaching her....daily! Some days are good, and some are more challenging. There were moments in our day today when I wanted to go sit in the garage by myself right beside our stinky trash. But then, I reminded myself that my 11 month old might need me to protect him! =) And so the day goes on...

Lots of "talks," lots of "i love you's," lots of "pulling myself together" today....meanwhile little Noah wants his mommy every other minute. Staying calm is a conscious decision when they BOTH are doing the "fussy" cry. (Garage is looking good.....)

Fast forward to evening. Dinner is cooking...Savannah and Noah are playing in the living room and I hear the sound of "things" falling. Noah had opened the buffet cabinet which houses all of my paper products (plates, utensils, straws, etc.) They both know this is a "no no" cabinet, but Savannah decided to join in on the fun with brother. I come on the scene and explain what I've explained many times before and ask for Savannah's help in cleaning the mess (which was EVERYWHERE). She is not sure she wants to do that.....GARAGE!!!!!!!.....Noah is pulling out paper plates and straws faster than I can load things in. "Savannah, help Mommy clean the mess".....a cup full of straws spills again. I smell the salmon cakes burning on the stove. Now, throwing objects in while wedging myself between Noah and the cabinet, explaining to Savannah why she is to obey when I ask her to do something.

Saved dinner just in time. Dinner was.....quiet. The children were tired. I was tired. We missed daddy who had to stay late for a meeting at work. After dinner, it was clean up time! Since none had been done all day. While the children were in the playroom, I cranked up the vacuum to suck up all the crumbs embedded in our dining room rug just from today!!! I ventured into the kitchen, then the living room, leisurely watching the pretty vacuum strokes on my carpet. I turned to take a quick peek at the children only to find both of them sitting on the step of the playroom looking through the gate....Noah holding the rails with a look of "get me out of here" and Savannah holding her play vacuum mouthing, "Mommy can I come vacuum with you?" I turned off the vacuum, smiling! =) Opened the gate, and Savannah began "vacuuming" while Noah crawled to the front door, where I had already vacuumed, and pulled out all the moss from a fake plant....making a mess!!! "Ok, I think it's bed time for you two." 7:59....close enough!

Bedtime routine went well (no baths tonight). Savannah listened intently to her Bible story about Elijah. While I was reading, she interrupted saying, "Mommy, why didn't King Ahab love God?" We had such a good talk and she was so interested in the story...even with the distraction of her brother climbing over her on her bed to get to her basket full of baby dolls and stuffy toys.

Night night kisses, prayers, "snug as a bug" ritual, and off to make a bottle for Noah. Sitting on the couch feeding Noah, it's so TV, nothing. Then I hear from the back of the house, "Mommy, I'm gonna pray so I can fall 'afleep' because I can't 'fleep'." "OK, honey...that's a great idea. I love you!" "Dear Lord, please help me fall 'afleep' because I can't 'fleep,' Amen. Good night, Mommy!" =) I love moments like that! I knew I had to get on the computer and "jot" it down.

I am learning that every day is full of blessings! I'm on a search to find every one!!! God is so creative and wants to help me do my job well. As I have said in my profile, I'm a mother hen "in training." I don't want to stop learning. I love this ride I'm on and it gets better and better! Baby #3...bring it on! =)

Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Psalm 105:4

Good night!


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard one minute, and then wanted to cry for you the next. This is why they always say being a stay-at-home Mom is the hardest job in the world :) Love you!

Kristen said...

Thanks, sis! Some days are tough, but I really do love my job! =) No other job in the world will allow me to make the memories I'm making with them now! Love you!!!!!

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