Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy days with trays!

Here's what Savannah's been up to lately...

Painting with cotton balls!
(I gave her some clothespins to hold
the cotton balls....she just wouldn't
have that!
She loves paint on her hands...

...budding artist?  we think so...

This was probably favorite tray day!
On the left, smooth pebble rocks,
some small gardening pots, and
several "transferring" utensils.
On the right, a measuring container
with macaroni pasta, the pasta box,
a glue stick, and a "scoop."
Inside the macaroni were several
hidden items
(stickers, raisins, a hairclip...).  

Her face as she began finding the
hidden objects.

Glueing the pasta onto the box=FUN!
She loves glue.

Tray #1 - paper, colored pencils, markers,
and a ruler with stencil shapes/numbers.
She didn't really enjoy using the ruler...
Oh well, we'll try that another day.

Tray #2 - Lace the animal!  

She worked for several minutes to lace the first hole....was so proud of herself.  Then she got tired of that and asked for the pasta tray.  =)

Another favorite!!!
Play-Doh and cookie cutters!

Dear cookie sheet/tray, whoever invented you probably never thought you would hold play-doh, rocks, beads and paint, but I am so grateful to be able to repurpose you to fit the needs of our little nest.  And so thankful to for the inspiration!

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