Thursday, September 9, 2010

A sweet indulgence gone bad!

While out running errands this morning, I had a craving for a McDonald's frappe!  They are so yummy!! So, we pulled in, I ordered my little "indulgence," and drove to Target...our last stop.  I knew we might be in there for longer than 10 minutes....and I knew I didn't want my little drink to get hot, so I began to think about how I could take it in and enjoy it without Noah (who sits in the front of the buggy) grabbing for it.  AHA! I'll put it in my diaper bag! I had plenty of napkins, and about 1/3 of the drink was already gone, so I figured I could "rig" up something.  Cushioning the drink with my diaper/wipe case and some bibs, we were ready to go!  
In the store we go....enjoying first the dollar bins!  Then, off to the shoe section for Mr. Noah.  I saw the cutest pair....on the bottom shelf! Leaning over to inspect closer, I felt a cold sensation on my back.  Seconds later, I hear "Mommy, what is that on your shirt?"  "What's on your back mommy?"  "Well, honey...that  is mommy's coffee,"  I replied, reaching for the wipe case that was covered in "frappe" deliciousness.  (I can't decide what frustrates me more...the fact that there is cold coffee all over me and the inside of my diaper bag, or that part of my drink is gone!) With only 4 wipes in the case (What is wrong with me???) I begin wiping first the back of my shirt.  Then, I began to notice all the things in the bag that were sweetly touched by the frothy chocolate.  Shaking my head out of complete frustration with myself, I wiped as much as I could and went back to pushing the big red buggy.  Savannah and Noah do not enjoy sitting idly for extended periods.  The noise level increases, my heart rate increases.....
So, with a big brown stain on my back, shopping must go on...but with a little quicker step now.  Confident that I wouldn't make the same mistake again, I carried the bag on my shoulder...WITH the drink inside.  We stopped at the wipes (wonder why).  And just to show how completely "out of it" I must have been.....I leaned over to get a pack of wipes and experienced a repeat of the above story!  Not believing myself, I reached for the last 2 wipes in the coffee covered wipe case and went to town.  This one was worse.  It was everywhere in the bag and added a nice touch to my big brown stain!!! Squatting down to clean out the MESS, Noah proceeds to wiggle his way to a standing position while in his safety belt, turn around, and pull Savannah's hairbow out.  Oh my! 
Pause cleaning******Re-strap Noah in his seat facing forward....fix Savannah's hair, and continue answering Savannah's questions about why I am cleaning out the bag and wiping my shirt.  Most of the time, I love her curious nature....this wasn't one of those times.  
What happened next?  We searched for the nearest trash can and the diaper bag was placed in the bottom of the cart.  And I walked ever so proudly through the store to complete the shopping with LARGE coffee stains on my blue shirt. I can imagine some people were thinking....and she's having another one????

Lesson learned today...There's absolutely no benefit in thinking you have it all together! The humbling will come!

I missed my sweet indulgence....but it will make the next one all the more sweet.

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