Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Just like all of you, I love my family.  I love them every day of the year...but on February 14th, the opportunity presents itself to show our love perhaps a bit more.  So many take this as an opportunity to lavish gifts.  We don't want our children to look at Valentine's Day every year as a day that they will "get" something, but a day that they "feel" something...a day that they "know" even more so how very much their mommy and daddy love them.    This year, we are showing our children how much they are loved by giving them their own book.  Take a look at Noah and Savannah's little flip books.  (Levi will get his book a little later when he can appreciate it).    
~OPEN his book~ 

~OPEN her book~

And for my sweetheart, Dolan.  Well, I can't post his little "I love you" gift, since I haven't given it to him yet and he reads all of my posts!!  So, check back later and I'll post it for you to see.  On the subject of my sweetheart...I am so very grateful for that man.  Life is just sweeter with him in my life.  We are the absolute best of friends and are very much in love.  Though we may not always "feel" like being in love...ok...I know there are lots of you who are no different....we have chosen to love no matter what. And because of that, we are more in love today than when we wed almost 10 YEARS AGO!!! Dolan, you are my life partner, our family's spiritual leader, our children's father, and so many other things...and I love you with all of my heart. 

We hope you have a wonderful valentine's day and that you show those you care for just how much you love them.  Each day is such a gift...let's treasure it and remember that the most important "things" in life aren't "things."  
Much love,

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