Friday, February 18, 2011

Just because...

It's Thursday night...just an ordinary night.  But Dolan suggests we surprise the kids and go out for ice cream after dinner...just because!  So long ordinary night! Lucky us, "Sprinkles" is a mile down the road.  Here we are... 
Savannah wanted to pull up a chair so she could see all of the choices...Hmmmm
"Cotton Candy" won out because it was a "girl kind." (She's all into categorizing things into girl/boy these days).  If it's pink or purple, it's for a girl.  Blue/green...definitely a boy.  
 For Noah...Peach Frozen Yogurt.
 For Levi...a paci and a little entertainment.
Ice cream looks pretty's pink on the other me.
 Such a big boy.
 She loved sharing her ice cream with her brother. 

 Talking to Mrs. Lori behind the counter...such a little flirt.
 Mama stealing some kisses from sweet baby Levi.
And now, time to get home and put our sugar-happy children in their cozy beds.  I love these special moments of spontaneity.  They make life fun!

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