Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning the letter...R

First off...I love the "Letter of the Week" curriculum from "Confessions of a Homeschooler."  We have been working on various letters/sounds and are enjoying the many activities that help S learn them!

While we are using the curriculum now, we plan to "take it up a notch" come fall! So, school's in for the summer here...because Savannah wouldn't have it any other way.  Her love of learning and quest for knowledge fuels this homeschool train.  And for now, we're at the perfect speed.  She turns 4 next week, and for her...and probably most other 4 year olds, learning is about stretching her imagination and curiosity, developing her growing interest in academic things and activities that involve exploring and investigating, and seeing how skills such as reading and writing are useful (for example, by listening to stories as they are read to her as well as dictating stories to adults.)

Why "R?"
We have a mommy raccoon who has made her den high in the tree just next to Savannah and Noah's sandbox.  We, along with the children, have seen her come down and scurry into the woods.  We frequently check to see if she is out or visible at all from her hole.  

Raccoons are THE topic of conversation in this house! On our library trip last week, we picked up 2 children's nonfiction raccoon books and are heading to pick up another tomorrow after a phone call from our librarian to let us know she found another!

So "R" it is! 
For today, we read this book at storytime...

Then, while the children napped...I set up the trays.

Green tray...Fish cutout with colored paper and aluminum foil (for fins), glue, sponge brush, and eye! She loves glue so this was the first tray she chose!
And, here is her rainbow fish!

Blue tray... a coloring page, "Rectangles Make Funny Cows"

Orange tray...Letter "R" cutout with rocks and cubes.  She lined them up in the shape of the "R."

Raisins for snack! (on a Red plate)

Levi was content to be on his belly while his sister "worked."
 And later...Rasberry cobbler!

Looking forward to tomorrow! Perhaps we'll have another Raccoon sighting!


Peggy Jones said...

Hi Kristy!

This is Peggy Jones - Dolan's cousin in Raleigh. I LOVE your blogs and website - this is such a wonderful idea! You are doing an awesome job and I love reading all of the stories!

Best of luck to you,


Kristen said...

Hi Peggy,
Thank you so much for the kind comment! So glad you are enjoying the blog. Time passes so quickly, and this is the way I record the little things that happen from day to day. I hope you are doing well! Hope to see you soon.

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