Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something Fun for Baby

Baby Levi is sitting so well now.  From rolling, to scooting on his back, to now scooting on his belly...he's figuring it all out! Being the baby of 3, he often is placed on the floor to play solo while I tend to the other 2, who demand mommy's attention...pretty much all day! 

A few days ago, I changed things up a bit and let Levi play in the kitchen with me watching and preparing breakfast, while Savannah and Noah played together in the living room.  There was a bowl of rice along with some little toys left out on the floor from the day before when I had given it to Savannah and Noah as an activity.  Levi found it quickly and I happened to think it was a fabulous idea! 


 I love how they both are holding on to their "build-a-bear" animals...oh and yes, the cushions from the couch are on the floor. It's much more fun this way! 

I'm ok with this...really, I am. =)


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