Saturday, July 31, 2010

A first, but not the last!

Today was a wonderful day!  I have been looking forward to it for quite some time!  It was my first HM open house....celebrating "Christmas in July!"  Must admit.....getting some decorations out, listening to the Christmas music, and enjoying good friends really puts me in the "spirit!"  

A special thanks to everyone who came!  It was so much fun!!! Will definitely have to do it again. Nothing like a morning with the girls! Even got to see an old friend who I haven't seen in many years! (So good to see you and your precious little girl, Jenny!)

With all of the excitement, I did forget an important part of the party!  the drawing for the FREE square flip book.  So, after everyone left, I folded up all the cards and had my "little helper" draw a name out!
Who will be the winner.........?

Brandi Hinnant!!!

Congrats, Brandi! When I called her to tell her, she said..."I never win anything!!" =) Hope you enjoy making your book!  With 4 little ones, I'm sure she can find some pictures to put in it.  

Sadly, it is the very last day of Christmas in July.  I will close the workshop out tonight late, so if there is anyone who wants to get in on the last minute special savings.....order your credits now, then work on projects when you get the chance! I am here to help you get started, and all along the way.  Lots of great ideas were shared by the group this morning and there was great excitement for getting their "jpeg's" put to something they, along with their family, can be proud of! 

By placing an order today, you receive a free credit for a card as well as a FREE month of premier membership!  This means you have complete access to ALL templates and can use that to make any projects you have purchased credits for.  Be sure to contact me today by phone or e-mail for more info. 

Hoping you and yours have made lasting memories this weekend! 

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