Monday, July 12, 2010

What's White and Red and Dirty all Over?

One of Noah's birthday presents was a water table from Grandaddy, Grandma, and Brandon.  Sunday evening was a great time to break it in!!  I'm not sure which one had more fun....It was pure joy for me to just sit back with my camera and watch brother and sister play together so well.  

The water table was placed so conveniently beside the Savannah did what any child would most likely do.  She dumped mounds of dirt into the table.  No big Noah splashed in it and got a little dirty.

But THEN, she got the bright idea of scooping some of that lovely mixture onto Noah's red head!

It was in his ears, his eyes, noes, name it!

So, the onesie came off!  That was a start, right? Off to the sandbox he play?  No, to eat!!!

So within seconds after this picture, we headed inside straight to the tub.  I stripped them both down in the garage and we were off to get squeaky clean. 

So, what's white and red and dirty all over??? 

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