Friday, July 9, 2010

A year has passed

Tomorrow, our little Noah turns one...

What a precious blessing he is to all who meet him.  A year has passed and I pause today to share some memories dating back to July 10, 2009...the special day Noah entered this world.  

He arrived at 12:50 p.m. at Johnston Memorial Hospital weighing 7lbs and 14 oz!  

Look at that red hair!!! I prayed for that! =)

Big sister, Savannah meets him for the first time! I love this picture.

Snugglin' with mama.  

At and sound in his bassinet. those newborn feet!

Snugglin' with daddy!

All dressed up for his first Sunday at church!

Sleeping sweetly...

Head up!

For Halloween (Hallelujah night at church) he was a farmer, complete with a mustache paci! 
Sister was a cow.

Morning devotions at Myrtle Beach....helping daddy hold the Bible. 

Posing for Christmas Cards!! Such a happy baby...

A visit with Santa!

Christmas Morning!

Bright eyes!

Sitting up!!! 6 months old.

Baby food!!

This became one of his favorite places to play!  It was always so funny to lift the flap of the couch and see his HUGE smile!  His little way of playing hide and seek! 


Big sister shows him how to ride the "4-leeler."

And this is the reaction after a little fall...


Dedication Day! (8 months old)

He loves to play the piano and especially when Savannah joins him!

Easter bunny!!! Wasn't scared a bit!

All dressed up for Easter with his handsome daddy!

Standing in his crib! 

Love the bumbo seat!  Enjoying a snack outside on the deck!


"Yes, Mom? I'm not doing anything....."

"It was her!!!"

And here they are again....getting into mischief in mommy and daddy's room!

White Lake (May '10)

He has found that he can climb onto Savannah's bed with relative ease and does so often!!  On this day, I walked in to the sound of Savannah "reading" him a Bible story. =)

Lovin' the outdoors...

The dining room table was covered with sewing "stuff" this particular morning in June, so we had a nice breakfast, complete with the company of Elmo, in the sunroom!  FUN!

Enjoying the outdoors at Uncle Fred's and Aunt Denise's on Father's Day weekend.

And loving his sink bath with Nana.

And today, well, those little feet are a little bigger and a little stronger.  

A year has passed, and what a big boy he is now!  His personality develops more and more each day and we're all pretty fond of it.  He is a snuggly baby, so patient and loving.  Always smiling! 
Noah, we love you so much.  
Happy Birthday!  
Our prayer is that you become all God wants you to be and that your heart is always open for Him.  You are a special blessing and today, we celebrate you!


Carol Wilson said...

Loved reading this and looking at Noah growing up. His smile is contagious! I found myself smiling as I was reading! Hope you all have a very special day. Happy Birthday Noah.

Kristen said...

Thank you Carol. He had a wonderful birthday! It's amazing how fast one year goes by. Have a wonderful week!

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