Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little too quiet

Today was a beautiful wedding day for some friends of ours from church. They are married now, the reception is over and I am sitting in my chair thinking it's a little too quiet in our house. Savannah is soundly sleeping...and Noah is.....on the way home with daddy. He spent his first night away last night with Dolan's mom and dad. We had such a busy weekend with the rehearsal and the all-day wedding events, we didn't want to expose him to all the hustle and bustle. So, it's a little more quiet now than I have become accustomed to. I'm finding out in moments like these just how much I love the sounds my children make. Those constant sounds of love, fear, frustration, hunger, play, laughter, sadness...and the one I'm missing right now...bedtime breathing. Noah can be heard breathing in his crib from the living room with the television on! Tonight, there is no tv and it is ever so quiet. Father, may I bask in these days of childhood noises, for I know that one day not too long from now, I'll wish for them back.

We are thankful for the great care Noah was in and did not worry one single moment about him! Family is such a gift and we are so grateful for the great one we have!

I would write more, but the sound of a garage door opening is beckoning me out of my chair and to the door! I'm off to get my hands on that little one and enjoy whatever sound he wants to make right now!

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